Bet365 Review

Bet365 have now landed in Australia, having set up on our shores in mid-2012. They are without doubt the most recognisable bookmaker in the world and they are already making big waves here with their superior service and betting markets, with a strong focus on live betting.

Bet365 have forged a reputation for having markets on just about anything and have invested in the strongest security to keep your details safe. They also have a ton of weekly offers and bonuses giving you more bang for your buck. Bet365 come highly recommended!

Bet365 History

bet365Bet365 were founded in 2000 in Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom by Deniese Coats and quickly became one of the biggest names in online betting due to excellent marketing and the strength of its offline shops.

They currently have in excess of 7 million customers from over 200 countries and they employee 1900 people worldwide and are in fact the seventh largest company in the UK.

In 2012 Bet365 headed to Australian shores and it's launched shook up the industry with Bet365 advertising absolutely everywhere, from sports stadiums right through to train stations. They now have one of the biggest online presences in this country and are going from strength to strength. They are based in the Northern Territory.

Check out the great Bet365 website

Bet 365 Products

Form & Stats
A huge feature of the Bet365 site is that they offer form and stats from a huge range of different sports, as well as thoroughbred and even greyhound racing.

Fantastic User Interface
The Bet365 site is flash based without any html, so you are seriously getting a great platform to bet with which includes fast load times that makes it easy to bet.

365 Racing Value
Take advantage of 365 Tote and 365 Best, two racing products which are guaranteeing you a payout as good as the 3 Australians Totes, or the Starting Price each day.

Stream Live Video & Audio
At Bet365 they provide you with a live video or audio stream to selected events, which means you can watch your bets get up from the comfort of your living room!

Scores & Results
If you are on the go but have a bet going, why not follow the progress by using the live score feature at Bet, or view the latest results in the special section of their site.